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About the Iraqi Dinar

If you are interested in buying Iraqi dinar (IQD), we think it’s a good idea to know something about it. The Iraqi dinar is also called the New Iraqi Dinar to differentiate it from the dinar notes issued prior to 2003. The older notes are often referred to as the “Saddam notes” because they feature th image of past Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Those notes have no monetary value in the economy of Iraq and are simply sold as collector’s notes.

The currently used dinar notes come in 7 denominations: 50, 250, 500, 1k, 5k, 10k and 25k notes. In the US, they are available through currency dealers like Sterling Currency Group and may be purchased as circulated (used in the country) or uncirculated (crisp, unused) notes. The notes utilize advanced anti-counterfeit features.

The Iraqi dinar is a source of great speculation and the wise buyer will elarn more and choose a reputable dealer when making a purchase.

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It’s only natural to ask a company to show you why you should buy from them, and currency dealers are no different. In fact, a customer has even more reason to learn what a dealer offers before making a purchase. In this video Sterling Currency Group’s founder, Ty Rhame, highlights the programs offered by Sterling as well as the compliance measures that protect customers. Sterling Currency Group has both full purchase and layaway programs for purchasing Iraqi dinar, Vietnamese dong, Indonesian rupiah and numerous other currencies. Additionally, Sterling has convenient payment choices that include mail, eCheck, wire and COD. And Sterling Currency Group has licensing in all states that require it.

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Why Choose Sterling Currency Group?

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Sterling Currency Group New Infographic on Reputable Dinar Dealer

Sterling Currency Group launches a new infographic on how to find a reputable dinar dealer. At Sterling Currency Group, we are proud to say that we meet all these standards for a reputable dealer. We’ve been in business for over 11 years, with tens of thousands of satisfied customers. We at Sterling Currency Group continue to work hard every single day to earn our customers’ trust and create new ways to serve them better. Integrity and Transparency – it’s what we believe in.

Sterling Currency Group Infographic on Reputable Dinar Dealer

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The Sterling Currency Group Loyalty Program

Sterling Currency Group appreciates its customers who buy Iraqi dinar and other currency and one of the ways that we show our appreciation is our Sterling Customer Loyalty Program. This program is designed as our reward to you for your purchases. For each $1000 that you spend, Sterling will give you $30 in loyalty credit towards your next purchase or dinar or other currency.

sterling currency group loyalty

We would like to clarify how this program works for customers. Occasionally, customers think that the loyalty credit amount listed on their order is money they owe, when in fact it is the other way around. When you see the loyalty credit on your statement, please know that we are subtracting that amount from your total. At Sterling Currency Group, we are very happy to have this program for our loyal customers and want to be certain that everyone clearly understands the benefits it provides when buying dinar or other currency.This is a very simple program and it is designed to be a benefit to our loyal customers.

The way it works is that each payment you make, whether it is a deposit, balance payment or full payment, receives a Loyalty Credit at the rate of $30 per $1000 spent. Loyalty Credits are redeemed on your very next currency order from Sterling Currency Group. Loyalty Credits can be redeemed on new Full Purchase, Sterling 45 Layaway, Guaranteed 30 Layaway, Guaranteed 90 Layaway, and Auto Exchange orders for Iraqi dinar or Vietnamese dong. Any available Loyalty Credit money will automatically be applied and deducted from the amount that is due on dinar or dong. If you need more clarification on this or any of our other programs our customer service department can be reached at 1-888-346-2771.

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Sterling Currency Group Files Lawsuit Against AltCharge for $2 Million in Unpaid Funds

Sterling Currency Group (SCG) filed a lawsuit against AltCharge which alleges numerous breaches of contract between the parties and that AltCharge is holding in excess of $2 million dollars of Sterling’s funds..

Frank Bell, COO at Sterling Currency Group stated that Sterling Currency Group had “spent a great deal of time, effort and money developing and integrating the eCheck system” and was very disappointed in Altcharge’s actions.

The Complaint alleges that AltCharge engaged in wrongful conduct when they collected funds from Sterling Currency Group’s customers but
did not make the payments due to Sterling or provide information as to where the funds were.

For more information on this lawsuit, click here:

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How Can I Be Sure My Iraqi Dinar is Authentic?

In this world of knock-offs and reproductions, it’s always important to be sure that you’re getting exactly what you expect. This is especially true when you are purchasing Iraqi dinar. The good news is that the dinar notes themselves are printed by the De La Rue Company and have many advanced security features to protect against counterfeiting.

iraqi dinar security features sterling currency group

These features on the popular 25k note include:

  • Watermark
    This is an image of a horse that is embedded into the currency paper.If you want to see the image, put a light behind the note while looking at it. You may see the image without a light, but it should not be visibly printed on both sides of the banknote.
  • Metallic Ink
    There is a shiny silver metallic ink used on the Iraqi Dinar. This can be seen in the shapes of the wings and also the leaves of the bush on the Arabic writing side of the banknotes. There is a noticeable texture to the ink, so you can actually feel a very slight difference in thickness and density of that part of the note.
  • Security Thread
    The security thread is embedded and can be seen behind the banknote if you use a light. The thread is a shiny silver with faint writing on the strip itself. It alternates from being visible on the surface of the banknote to being imbedded in the paper of the banknote.
  • Color Changing Symbol
    The color-changing symbol on the 25000 dinar banknote looks like a circular stamp with an 8-pointed star in the middle about 3/4 inch in diameter. It changes color from a purplish color to a dark greenish color when the banknote is tilted back and forth. The color-changing symbol appears to have a slight sparkle to it.
  • Embedded Ultra-Violet Marking
    The marking on the 25k note is ultra-violet bright yellow-green and only visible when the banknote is held under an ultra-violet light. It is about 1 inch across and ¾ inches high.
  • Raised Ink Writing
    On the Arabic writing side of the 25000 dinar banknote, the ink is raised in the center of the banknote. You can feel the raised ink by running your fingers across the paper and the ink.
  • Special Currency Paper
    The Iraqi Dinar is printed using special currency paper similar to most European currency papers. Although not as durable as the paper US currency is printed with, it is durable enough to contain the latest security features. Counterfeit detection pens used for US currency will not work with Iraqi banknotes.
  • Serial Numbers
    Iraqi banknotes each have a separate serial number and no two banknotes will have the same number. Sometimes it appears the numbers are the same but that may be because the Arabic symbols for the numbers “2“ and “3” are very similar. The difference is only a slight “peak” on the upper horizontal part of the Arabic symbol for the number “3.”

As a general note, not all banknotes are printed perfectly and they are not all exactly the same. Just as there are slight variations in U.S. printed banknotes, there are occasional variations in Iraqi banknotes. These variations may include slight differences in the exact placement of the security features, faded ink, and slight smearing of ink. If you have questions about your currency, you should contact the dealer who sold you the currency. If you are purchasing from a reputable dealer like Sterling Currency Group, the banknotes should have been checked at least once through a De La Rue machine which verifies authenticity.

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