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The Sterling Currency Group Loyalty Program

Sterling Currency Group appreciates its customers who buy Iraqi dinar and other currency and one of the ways that we show our appreciation is our Sterling Customer Loyalty Program. This program is designed as our reward to you for your purchases. For each $1000 that you spend, Sterling will give you $30 in loyalty credit towards your next purchase or dinar or other currency.

sterling currency group loyalty

We would like to clarify how this program works for customers. Occasionally, customers think that the loyalty credit amount listed on their order is money they owe, when in fact it is the other way around. When you see the loyalty credit on your statement, please know that we are subtracting that amount from your total. At Sterling Currency Group, we are very happy to have this program for our loyal customers and want to be certain that everyone clearly understands the benefits it provides when buying dinar or other currency.This is a very simple program and it is designed to be a benefit to our loyal customers.

The way it works is that each payment you make, whether it is a deposit, balance payment or full payment, receives a Loyalty Credit at the rate of $30 per $1000 spent. Loyalty Credits are redeemed on your very next currency order from Sterling Currency Group. Loyalty Credits can be redeemed on new Full Purchase, Sterling 45 Layaway, Guaranteed 30 Layaway, Guaranteed 90 Layaway, and Auto Exchange orders for Iraqi dinar or Vietnamese dong. Any available Loyalty Credit money will automatically be applied and deducted from the amount that is due on dinar or dong. If you need more clarification on this or any of our other programs our customer service department can be reached at 1-888-346-2771.

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